Kali Harad Powder (Black Myrobalan – Desi Jadi Buti) is a tropical, deciduous tree with a thick, black, and cracked bark and grows up to 30 m in height and 1 m in trunk diameter. It is native to South Asia, from India and Nepal east to southwest China, and south to Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Kali Harad Powder (Black myrobalan) is of central importance to Ayurvedic medicine. It has long been considered a prime remedy for all manner of digestive problems and is sacred to Siva. The medicinal properties have been tested in numerous experiments.

The fruits contain a range of medically active constituents including anthraquinones, tannins, chebulic acid, resin and a fixed oil. Fruit extracts exhibited significant inhibitory activity on oxidative stress and age-dependent shortening of the telomeric DNA length, and thus an inhibitory effect on cellular aging. Kali Harad Powder also have shown cardio protective effect. Harad kali powder is has always been praised for its extraordinary healing power and antioxidants.It is believed to destroy innumerous diseases and eliminate all the waste from the body. It also promote tissue growth and health and has antibacterial and antioxidant properties.